1. Simple interface a mom can understand

The app instantly knows where you are located and where a driver should pick you up.

  • Easy to use interface
  • Large fonts and buttons
  • Knows your location and language
  • Single action on a single screen
  • Smart enough to let anyone use it

2. Pickup at nearby Foursquare places

The app allows you to set the pickup location at any of nearby Foursquare places. This an easy, quick and precise way to let the driver know where exactly are you.

  • Great for nights out
  • Bar, restaurant, shot, grocery store?
  • Large database of exact addresses
  • Driver will instantly see the place and address

3. Set pickup on the map

You can also set exact pickup location on the map or just type in the address.

  • See where you are
  • Pickup at the corner or down the street
  • Detailed map in your area
  • Several map providers for different countries

4. Personalized service

It is always good to know your driver by name and see how he looks before taking a ride. That makes the service a bit more personal and it plays well with customer's emotions.

  • Driver's name and picture
  • Company name to recognize the cab
  • Focus on arrival time
  • Driver is able to call you when confirmed

5. Follow the driver as he arrives

Know where the driver is currently at and know exactly when he is approaching. App will automatically zoom in the map as your drive is getting closer.

  • GPS location tracking
  • Push notification on arrival
  • Estimate arrival time
  • Call the driver from "Trip details" menu

6. Setup cash or credit card payments

You are fully in control of the payment methods available in your company for your customers. Configure cash and/or credit card payments for seamless payment experience.

  • Credit/debit card payments
  • Automated billing with driver's account
  • Your own merchant and bank accounts
  • Integration with your local payment gateway
  • Confirmation of the payment on both sides